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Entrepreneurs… not by chance

It is a beautiful story that concerns Nuova Butos Horeca soc. coop. It is a story about revenge, courage and responsibility. It speaks of men and women who saw their jobs increasingly shaky, announced layoffs, unions trying to save what could be saved. A very complicated situation, moreover, at a time when the global economic crisis was being felt everywhere.    

This until the day when a group of employees of the old Butos srl makes a decision that will change their lives forever: the only solution to save their job is to acquire the company! 

From here begins a path, which also involves Confcooperative, which will bring 13 employees to form a cooperative. In February 2018, through an offer submitted to the Court of Forlì, it acquired the company. This operation, called “Workers buyout” (WBO), used the tools made available precisely by Confcooperative (Startcoop) allowing to collect operational legacy and customer package. 

In April 2018 Nuova Butos Horeca soc. coop. opened its doors. From that day 13 new brave entrepreneurs began their new adventure made of professionalism, trust, dedication to work and desire to prove that nothing is impossible. 

What do we do now? We deal with communication for companies through the customization of products for the horeca sector, roasters and private labels.

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We have always specialized in the packaging, printing and personalization of products such as sugar sachets, placemats and disposable napkin holders, refreshing and sanitizing wipes and condiment sticks.

Thanks to our great experience, we are able to perform work in a workmanlike manner in a short time, starting from graphic design, printing, packaging and finally shipping. We are able to handle orders with large quantities in a very short time, thanks to the new packaging lines. At the same time we are able to serve our customers who require minimum quantities of product, thanks to the lines dedicated to the horeca sector.

New in 2020 the sanitizing wipes for hands and those specific for the paws of our four-legged friends. Very practical, each wipe is individually bagged, and each is customizable with your logo. We have also created a convenient box of 12 wipes, perfect for display at the counter.

Another new entry, the organic flavored EVO oil stick. Thanks to a partnership with Maestoli, one of the first companies to offer flavored oil sticks, we offer a high quality EVO oil with different flavors: chili pepper, lemon, garlic and truffle. Practical, hygienic and safe. In addition, you avoid waste. Clever, isn’t it?

We are the ideal partner for any company that wants to promote its business through our products. Because this is what we do, we help your company to become known and develop your brand through advertising on our products customized with your logo, your trademarks or any message you want to communicate to your customers. 

So discover all our products and contact us, it will be a great pleasure for us to be able to help you find the best solution for your company.

SUGAR SACHETS Various sizes and types of paper, customizable with your logo

SANITIZING WIPES Various sizes and fragrances, customizable with your logo

AMERICAN PLACEMATS Various sizes and types of paper, customizable with your logo

NAPKIN ENVELOPE Various sizes and types of paper, customizable with your logo

OIL AND SEASONINGS Single-dose sticks of EVO oil, wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar

TOOTHPICK Individually wrapped in paper and customizable


Your opinion is very important to us. Every advice, opinion, criticism or even a question to request information is a moment of growth. We are always open to dialogue with our partners, because we want to build with you a collaboration that can bring important results for both. So what are you waiting for? Call us or write us. See you soon!

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Via Palmiro Togliatti, 9 47034 Forlimpopoli FC

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