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These days hygiene and safety have become at least indispensable, it has become a basic service, in some cases mandatory. The tools used to sanitize hands are different, obviously the most common is to wash your hands well with water and soap. In the absence of this it is possible to use different products, in fact it has started a real race to buy any antiseptic, antibacterial and similar.

At Nuova Butos we have studied and created a different product than the various gels on the market. We have focused on disposable wipes, practical and absolutely hygienic. Easy to carry in your bag or pocket, suitable for all occasions and situations. our wipes, TNT fabric in various sizes, are soaked with a liquid sanitizer that allows you to clean your hands safely and quickly. In addition, each envelope is customizable with your brand or logo.

To make the transport of our wipes even more practical, we have created a counter package of 12 sachets, in this way the sale will be easier because they can be easily positioned in front of the counter. The box, with very clear graphics, is easily identifiable and certainly strikes the attention of customers, in fact, from some tests carried out in some stores, we found great curiosity and a good result on sales.


We have introduced a new line of organic EVO and flavored oil in single-dose sticks. In order to meet the new demands of the market, in particular due to covid, and given the great attention of patrons and managers of clubs, we started a collaboration with Maestoli. The company supplies high quality organic oil, which we package in 10ml and 6ml sticks. This type of packaging is very practical, maintains the characteristics of flavor and avoids oxidation of the product. It always remains fresh, every time you open a stick it is like opening a new bottle. Moreover, it is very hygienic, in fact, it is single dose, and therefore perfect to avoid any kind of contact and contamination. Another important thing is that it allows to avoid product waste, both from the customer who abuses the oil in the bottle, and in case of accidental drop.

It is specifically organic extra virgin olive oil of the European Community. The same base is used to make oils flavored with natural aromas such as hot pepper, lemon, truffle and garlic. At this moment we launched on the market the 6ml. hot pepper stick, waiting to add all the other products.

The Maestoli line complements our basic line of conventional EVO oil always packaged in 10ml and 5ml sticks. The basic line can be customized with the logo of the business or company.

This product is suitable for restaurants, hotels, diners, bars, pizzerie, catering and many others. Also companies that pack ready-made salads can surely use our sticks.

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