1. Sanjin Omeragic
    6 Luglio 2020 @ 16:13

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    A colleague of mine brought some samples of your products.
    We are interested in following products in sachets:
    – olive oil
    – aceto balsamico
    – white vinegar

    Looking forward of receiving your feed back.

    Best regards

    Sanjin Omeragic
    +49 89 611021831


    • admin
      7 Agosto 2020 @ 11:32

      Dear Sir,
      thank you for your message, and we apologize for the delay in replying. We would be very pleased to know in particular what interests you, we are a company that packages and personalizes a series of products, as you have seen on our site, we have several local companies from which we buy the raw material, package it and resell it to our customers. We are partners of important Italian companies, both in the world of sugar and condiments.
      So for any further information you want, you can contact us on the email of our sales manager m.biassoni@butos.it
      Best regards.


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